About Us

Sterkfontein Game farm situated in the gorgeous mountain range of the Waterberge
provides a one-of-a-kind experience for both nature lovers as well as for the occasional weekend getaways from the city rush.

The farm initially set out for occasional hunting, accommodating both bow hunting as well as the traditional rifle hunting,
was primarily the main service and attraction point of the farm, however not for too long. This stance was quickly said to change as the mesmerizing views
and natures calmness took center stage. With the unique setting of the lodge and guesthouse on the dense mountain range it is certain that
unforgettable sunsets and breath-taking scenery will be at the order of the day. The lodge combines thatched roofs and elegant spacious designs
with modern furnishings without sacrificing an out-in-the-wilderness feel.

With the well-known sterkriver constantly flowing all year round it provides a unique fishing experience for the shore angler with a variety of species available.
The riverbank also holds for beautiful picknick spots and fun filled activities in the sun with nature always not too far away.